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NEW SERIES: Pulsar with w4stedspace

Once again it's time to announce a new series! This time we start on a multiplayer series in Pulsar: Lost Colony. Pulsar is a...

Ellitopia Website Facelift!

SO hopefully you already noticed... the Ellitopia Gaming website has been given a major facelift! We've been looking for a way to make our website...

[POLL] Should There Be A KSP Live Season 7?

Post your opinion using our Poll to let me know what you think. You can also submit a comment below if you have any suggestions or questions about the future of the Ellitopia Livestreams. I'm happy to keep KSP Live running as long as the community want to see it, but if the community want to see something else, I'm happy to consider that too.

Pokemon No Go! Pokemon Go in Win10 ANYWHERE!

I can't play Pokemon Go on my phone OR my tablet, so now I'm playing it on my Windows 10 laptop! Read on to find out how!

KSP Live Season 6 Announced

With Season 5 now brought to a close, planning for Season 6 has begun! We're totally overhauling the mods we're going to be using, which will include the stunning Environmental Visual Enhancements (EVE) and Scatterer mods, as well as the new Kerbalism mod, since TAC lifesupport hasn't been updated properly since 1.0.4.

Thanks for Supporting GamesAid

Yesterday (November 29th 2015) we hosted our first ever KSP Live Charity Stream to celebrate 2 YEARS of KSP Live! The stream took the form...

Trackday Manager Early Access Giveaway!

The developers at Arctic Hazard have been generous enough to give us ONE Early Access key for Trackday Manager for us to give away...

The Next Milestone

Anyone who has been following Ellitopia for a while will know that we run Indie Game Giveaways at key milestones. Our last milestone was 500...

Announcing: Ellitopia Tabletop!

Do you want to be a part of Ellitopia Gaming, and join us in a new series to explore some great TABLETOP games? Read...

KSP Live Season 4 Reboot

If you were watching our livestream this Saturday you will have seen us fail... hard! With a consistent stream of failed launches we plunged our...

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