Ellitopia Sole Starter Challenge | Rimworld

Welcome to the Ellitopia Sole Start Challenge! This challenge is based on a custom scenario in RimWorld.

To take part you will need to subscribe to the “One Man and His Dog” scenario via Steam (or create your own custom scenario with the same starting conditions).

The challenge? How long can your starting character survive?

The Reward? I will score each entry, and the highest score(s) will be awarded Ellitopian status and will receive one (or maybe more) free Steam key for a random game from my selection of unused codes (and I have quite a lot of those).

I will not reveal any info about how entries will be scored, so no one will be able to gain an unfair advantage by focusing on one particular thing. Have fun, play the game and send me your results using the form below.

Challenge Rules

  • Use the One Man and His Dog scenario (Or your own scenario with the same conditions, basically one starting Offworlder and a Husky. Nothing else)
  • Use the “Cassandra Classic” storyteller
  • Play on Rough difficulty
  • Enable Permadeath mode
  • When you generate your world, you must click the Random Starting Location button ONCE and ONLY ONCE.
  • You MAY NOT randomise your starting character UNLESS the character si INCAPABLE of any skills other than medical. If medical is – but all the others have a level, or if all stats have a level, you must use the character. 0 does not allow a re-roll, you can only randomise if a skill other than medical shows as –
  • The sole starting character must stay alive. The moment the character dies the game is over.
  • Screenshots will be required to prove fair play. Make sure you have some way of taking screenshots…. potato shots with a smartphone will not be accepted.
  • Mods are not allowed. You must play with all mods turned off

Winners will be announced via our YouTube channel and on our Discord channel. Feel free to join us on Discord to chat about the challenge, your approach, tactics etc.

Most of all…. have fun and support the indies!

RimWorld Challenge Entry Form

Submit your entry for the Ellitopia Sole Start Challenge in RimWorld here. Winners will be announced via the YouTube channel and prizes will be distributed to the email addresses provided here.
  • Personal Info

    This info will be kept private, except the nickname you choose
  • Your real name
  • How you would like your name announced on YouTube if you win
  • Winner emails and prizes will be sent to the addresses provided here
  • Challenge Info

    Information about your playthrough of the challenge. If you need help taking a screenshot, I recommend using a tool like Gyazo of PicPick to take screenshots easily.
  • As soon as your character lands, pause the game and take a screenshot, showing the character, the "character" tab for your character, the starting area and the full User Interface.
    Accepted file types: jpg, png, gif.
  • The moment the starting character dies (or takes off in a ship), pause the game and take a screenshot, showing the character, the area he died and the full User Interface. The "character" tab for your startign character is optional for this screenshot.
    Accepted file types: jpg, png, gif.
  • Have fun, go mad. Add any extra info in here you want. Tell us about how the playthrough went, funny things that happened, mistakes you made, links to videos or more screenshots... whatever you like.

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