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We’ve hit 1000 subscribers on our YouTube channel! Time to celebrate! Read on to find out what’s happening for our 1k WEEKEND!

So first of all… THANK YOU to everyone who has been supporting Ellitopia Gaming over the last few years. It’s been a long road to where we are now, but I’m pleased to see that we have a few Ellitopians that have been with us from right at the beginning, and they’re still with us. Thank you for your support!

A special thank you also to those of you who have been able to support us in a financial way. You guys have been very generous, and the extra funds have allowed me to devote time to the channel that I would have otherwise been taken up with other pursuits.

With all that said… we are indeed now at (over) 1000 subscribers, so it’s time to celebrate with something special… it’s time for the…

1k Weekend!!

In the past we have celebrated with a special video or a specal livestream with giveaways. This time around we’re going to do the same, but we’re taking it to another level.

To celebrate 1000 subscribers I’ve devoted a whole weekend of evenings to livestreaming. This means instead of just streaming KSP Live on Saturday night, we will be streaming on Friday night, Saturday night AND Sunday night! It’s a whole 1k weekend! (..hence the name..)

The 1k Weekend will start on Friday 11th November 2016. Each night we will be giving away indie games in the form of 100% discount codes which will be valid on any of the ‘Pay What You Want’ games available on our shop page. We only have one of each code, so it’s first come first served!

While I’m writing this, there are only a few games on there, but as quickly as I can I will be adding more games to the list. You don’t have to use your discount code straight away if you think I might be adding something you might like later. To see a list of the games that will soon be added, check out our old Game Stash page… however I may also be adding a few that are not currently on that list!

So let’s take a look at what we’ll be playing over the 1k weekend. Every night the stream will start at the usual 8pm GMT (3pm EST)

Friday 11th: RimWorld Live – Episode 2

Following the success of the first RimWorld livestream, Friday night will be RimWorld Live – Episode 2. We’ll be continuing on the adventure of the Ellitopia Tribe to see how we get on! We’ll be giving away a few discount codes for the shop, and anyone watching will be able to get their name in the game if we pick up any new tribesmen.

Saturday 12th: KSP Live SEASON 7!

Last week was the last episode of KSP Live Season 6, so for the 1k Weekend we’ll be starting a whole new series, with new mods and a whole new set of rules!

For season 7 we’ll be playing a sandbox game, based on the assumption that soem time has passed since season 6, so the tech tree has been fleshed out and the Kerbals are now all about experimenting with cool stuff and Kolonizing new planets!

Although we’ll be in Sandbox mode, it wil be HARDCORE sandbox mode. Kerbals will NOT respawn, we WILL need a functioning communication network, and every difficulty setting we can max out will be maxed out (well kinda).

A full list of the mods will be published on the night, and Patreon supporters will be added as new Kerbals from Episode 1. Anyone else wanting to add their kerbal to the game, or to support a mission, can do so via our Support page.

Sunday 13th: Something Sunday!

Sunday is a mystery. I don’t know what we’ll be playing because you guys will decide! I will provide a list of games I have at my disposal, and you guys can pick what we play. If you guys choose a multiplayer game, we’ll see if we can bring the viewers in with us, perhaps finally activating the voice server on our Discord channel!

For details of what we’ll be doing on Something Sunday, you’ll have to come along and watch!

Come Join Us!

Subscribe now to join us or all three days! Head to http://youtube.com/ellitopiagaming and subscribe if you haven’t done so already. You can watch the 1k Weekend on YouTube, Twitch, Hitbox and Beam, whichever is best for you. All chat will be awkwardly synced across all channels thanks to Restream.io, so wherever you’re watching from you will be right in the thick of the action!

It’s going to be a great weekend! Be there or be a chair!

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