Announcing: Ellitopia Tabletop!


Do you want to be a part of Ellitopia Gaming, and join us in a new series to explore some great TABLETOP games? Read on!

Anyone who watches our YouTube videos or our Twitch stream will know that we love games. It wouldn’t be worth calling ourselves Ellitopia GAMING if we didn’t!

What many of you don’t know is that our love of gaming is not limited to video games, we also love tabletop games (card games, board games and RPGs), so we want to show that love off too! That’s why we plan to run a new YouTube series playing indie tabletop games using the new Tabletop Simulator engine for Steam! The series will cover (if we can) classic games such as Risk, Escape from Colditz and Settlers of Catan, as well as some of the more obscure indie titles we can find. We might even look at creating our OWN indie board or card game ready for us to play at the end of the series!

Playing board and card games is great, but playing them on your own kind of defeats the object, so we’re looking to recruit some players! We’re opening up the opportunity to fans of Ellitopia Gaming to become a part of the show and join us as we explore some of these tabletop greats! If you want to be a part of the series and play along with us, simply fill out the application form at the link below so we can match up players and times!

Apply Here:

Of course, we won’t be able to promise that everyone will be able to play along, but we will endeavour to involve as many of our fans as we can… and if the series is successful we might even be able to involve some of the better known YouTubers to join the adventure with us!

This could be a thrilling ride, and we really hope you can join us!

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