Ellitopia Is Back!
again.... again

Ellitopia has been quiet for quite some time. We've had periods with no activity before, but this is the longest we've had in a very long time.

I had considered calling it a day altogether and closing down the YouTube Channel etc.... but every time I went to do it, something in the back of my head kept saying "Wait... give another month and see how you feel".

Whilst I'm not 100% sure what new direction I want to take Ellitopia in at the point of writing this, I do know that something keeps telling me to keep it alive, so step one was to build a new website, since that always gives me the feeling of a fresh start.

New Videos

Yes they're coming... at last

New Livestreams

Maybe... if we can work out a schedule

New Reviews

To keep you guys up to date

New Webstore

Cos we gotta make money somehow

I will probably start with text only game reviews here on the website, then develop that back into video reviews, then some let's plays later down the line. Livestreams will probably be a low priority, though I may do some surprise events, or multiplayer/collaborative livestreams to keep my hand in.

"Where have you been!?"

For the last year and a bit I've been working full-time for an IT Support and Software development company. I started in the IT support department, but after a few months switched over to the development side of the company.

Since the work has been full-time, it's given me very little time to produce any content for Ellitopia. I'm still working full-time, and I still have very little time, which is why I plan to bring Ellitopia back in a different form. Exactly what that form is I haven't decided yet, so if you have any suggestions, please let me know!

One of the big benefits of working full-time for a software development company is that I have developed new skills that I can apply to Ellitopia. This website, for example, is built on the Odoo platform, which is the main platform we work with. It's a bit like WordPress on steroids, targeted mainly at businesses, rather than casual bloggers. The new website will eventually contain all the articles from the old WordPress site (when I can be bothered to transfer them) and will also include an online store for games, with discounts and giveaways for supporters.

"Can we get involved?"

Well, that's part of my plan! I want Ellitopia to be a community, not just an outlet for game news and reviews. I would love for everyone to be able to get involved by creating their own content, either by submitting reviews for the website, creating their own videos, or just by suggesting something we should be looking at for some coverage.

More details on how you can get involved will follow once the details have been ironed out.

"Tell us, when will these things be?"

It's coming, but it will be coming slowly. I need to fit everything into my schedule. I still work, I still have a family, so there's a lot of balls to juggle.

My hope is that the website content and online store will be available by the end of 2020. Where new articles and videos will fit into that is yet to be determined. I'll be chatting to you guys on Discord to help work it out... so make sure you're on the Discord server.

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