Stop COVID-19
Charity T-Shirt

As much of the world is now affected by the COVID-19 outbreak, many of us gamers are quite content passing the time with our video games. For some, like myself, it feels like not much has really changed, and it’s easy to lose sight of what is actually happening around the world.

To help fight off the apathy, I decided to try and do something productive, so I have created a T-shirt that I am going to use to raise funds for charity

The text on the shirt reads
“I played video games by my self while I was Isolated (which is nothing new)”

$2 from every t-shirt sale will go to a suitable charity that is either working on a cure/vaccination for COVID-19 or supporting the victims. Donations from any remaining sales after the virus has passed will be donated to a suitable charity supporting victims of disasters around the world.

Pick up your T-Shirt at

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