Creeper World 4
First Play by Chriellex

Creeper World 4 is a Real-time Strategy game. Where you have to defeat the creep. The creep, also known as creeper is a blue fluid enemy that's all-destroying. But while you were landed on mars, you figured out that the mining lasers used for ore gathering back on mars also work great for killing creep. Shortly after your first encounter with the creep, you manage to open a rift and fly through it.

When you got through the rift, you land on a new planet. Although not the planet you were meant to be on? in all honestly you have no idea where you are, but you quickly snap out of it because the creep has also infiltrated this planet.

Playing Creeper world 4

How is creeper world to play? It's quite fun, and it is a fairly fast pace strategy game, you have a lot of towers and weapons you have to keep track of. All the while, making sure you produce enough energy to keep all of your weapons working in full swing. 

The interface is quite different from previous games. But quick to understand. You are still able to use keyboard shortcuts, but they do take a lot of time to get right. Since every new building you get changes the order of you buildings. And you also have to deal with multiple tabs. But it's certainly better than without! The graphics of the game are fairly good compared to older games. Although I would say, it could be quite a bit better considering it was released 03/12 2020. But then again it is a quite small game that runs very well. Even at 4K, I have no problems at all.

Please check out the steam page.

They also have a free demo of the game if you want to try it first!


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