Good Company
First Play

I have been waiting for Good Company for such a long time. I don’t even remember how long ago it was when this game came onto my radar. It’s been on my Steam wishlist for over a year, and it’s finally arriv….ing.

Chasing Carrots have been building, what I have come to refer to as, a production line sim. It has elements reminiscent of Factorio, but in a much more charming, tech-related environment.


When I first saw the game, the premise was that you started off in your grandmothers garage and built your tech empire from there. Now that the game is preparing for Early Access it seems that has changed a little. That may be due to the fact that space management would have been near impossible in a space built for a family sedan. With that said, the new approach works, and you still feel like you are starting from “grass roots”, building your empire from the ground up.

The Actual Review Bit

The graphics in Good Company are charming, and pleasing to the eye, and the music and sounds match the overall aesthetic. Control wise, it’s an interesting approach to use the WASD keys to walk around, AS WELL AS the point an click movement system. Having both makes the game very easy to pick up for people who are used to either method.

I did, however, find that having the camera bound to the characters location did sometimes lead to difficulties clicking some things. For example, creating connections between certain work tables that were just off screen was sometimes a challenge. Being able to pan the camera while in logistics mode is a feature that is either sorely missing, or wasn’t explained in the tutorial. I spent two hours playing during my first session and came across the problem, maybe three times.

At times the pace of the game did stall a little. That could be because I’m not used to playing it, but I did find myself waiting around for the game to catch up every so often. I guess I just need to play it more 😉

As far as the game mechanics are concerned, there’s one thing I absolutely loved. Designing products by dropping modules into a Tetris style grid is a stroke of genius! It forces you to decide between adding better features, and saving space. It actually feels like you are designing something, rather than just picking features from a list. Kudos Chasing Carrots!

Should I buy Good Company?

Overall, I do like the game. It’s not a perfect 10 because it has some minor issues, but equally it’s not even in Early Access yet! I’m sure during the Early Access stage it could become something awesome!

Good Company is available for Pre-Order as it starts its Early Access journey. Pick up a copy of Good Company from Humble Bundle or pre-order it on Steam

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First Play