What are Ellitopia Coins?

Ellitopia coins are loyalty points awarded to users for being active on the Ellitopia Gaming website. The points can then be traded in for rewards via the Ellitopia store!

How do I earn Ellitopia Coins?

There are a few ways Ellitopia Coins are awarded:

  • Register a user account on the website (20 EC, one-time)
  • Be a registered user for a year (50 EC, every year)
  • Visit the website (5 EC per day)
  • View an article/review on the website (1 EC per article)
  • Comment on a article (5 EC per comment, max 50 per post)
  • Have a comment marked as SPAM (-10 EC per comment)
  • Have a comment deleted (-5 EC per comment)
  • Refer a friend to the website (10 EC per friend, max 10 per day)
  • Refer a friend who registers (10 EC per friend, max 10 per day)
  • Submit a game video request (10 EC, max 1 per month)
  • Submit a product review in the shop (10 EC)
  • Answer a poll (5 EC)
  • Coupon codes provided via twitch, YouTube or other media
  • Buy them below using PayPal (100 EC = €1)

Top Up Your Ellitopia Coins

Redeem Coupon for Ellitopia Coins

These coupons can be picked up by trading in CloudBot loyalty points awarded while watching our livestreams at https://twitch.tv/ellitopiagaming.

Use !redeem 100EC or !redeem 500EC in the Twitch chat to trade in your points for a coupon code.