Filament – First Play


In what turned out to be the longest First Play livestream I’ve ever done, Filament took me by surprise! I don’t usually play puzzle games, but this one had a certain charm and a level of challenge that captured me.

I usually find puzzle games to get repetitive very quickly. It’s fair to say that Filament does have a very strong element of repetition to it, but somehow it didn’t bother me. The charming 3D environment and the subtle story telling gave it something that a lot of puzzle games lack, intrigue.

Filament managed to give me a reason to want to keep playing. Even though I was massively frustrated by some of the levels, I wanted more.

The game offers no tutorial, but you don’t need it. Entering the first level, I hesitated for a second, then instinctively knew what the level wanted from me. The controls were intuitive, and anything that wasn’t obvious was explained at the moment I needed it.

All in all, Filament delivered in a way I didn’t expect. I’m glad I gave it a go, and I do want to go back for more. I give it a 7.5/10, but purely because I’m not a big fan of puzzle games.

Filament is available on the Humble Store if you want to check it out, and if you grab it through our affiliate link in our shop, you can help to support Ellitopia too!

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