First Play: Startup Company


Startup Company is an early alpha game about running a small development company. In a similar vein to Software Inc, this Startup Company game puts you in control of the office layout, staff management and contract handling to get the job done and earn the big bucks.

The game graphics and gameplay are reminiscent of Software Inc, with the isometric office space and furniture being a big part of the game. In it’s early form it’s hard to comment on what the graphics will become, since Software inc also started with very basic animations before developing to what we see for it today.

The gameplay is very much in its early stages, which is to be expected, but even in its alpha form, Startup Company is very playable and quite addictive. It certainly has that ‘Just One More Contract’ feel to it, as is common with this style of business sim.

The game has already reached its Greenlight Target, and will soon be available in the Steam store. Meanwhile, the developer is running regular development livestreams via his Twitch channel so you can see exactly what stage the game is at.

Check out the Startup Company Greenlight page, or on their website at

You can also check out their discord channel at

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