KSP Live Season 4 Reboot


If you were watching our livestream this Saturday you will have seen us fail… hard! With a consistent stream of failed launches we plunged our space program into bankruptcy, and after such a great first episode too!

Never fear! We will be back this week with a new career, and we will be adding a whole host of new mods, and we’ve made some tweaks to the “rules” to make things a bit less “grindy” for the stream.

New Mods

Our full list of mods can be found on our KSP Mods page, but for those of you who weren’t aware of which mods we were already using, here’ a quick run-down of what we’ll be competing against:

Kerbal Construction Time

We started with KCT at the start of Season 4, and removed it because we thought it was bugged… turns out it wasn’t KCT that was to blame, so I’m putting it back!

This mod means that you can’t just hit launch and go to the launchpad. Rockets take time to build, research takes time to… well, research, and building upgrade take time to build. Coupled with TAC Lifesupport, this means we have to plan our launches carefully, because if they go wrong we can’t necessarily just chuck a rescue mission up to fetch our Kerbals before their oxygen runs out, unless we have a rescue craft already built.

There is however a handy feature of this mod. Before committing to build a craft and wait for it, you can run simulation launches. A simulated launch will not count toward your career, so will not cost you any funds, any science you gather will get returned, and crashes and lost Kerbals wont’ count, so it does ease the learning curve a bit, and gives you a safety net when you opt not to allow flight reverting, however once you build the craft and launch it, if it goes wrong, that’s still down to you, and you can only simulate the launch for so long… you can’t try the whole mission and then go back and do it for real!

Kerbal Aircraft Expansion (KAX)

I’ve hesitated to use this mod in the past because I thought it might be a bit OP, but having had a play around with it, it’s a lot of fun and I’d really love to explore it as part of a career.

KAX adds propellers and other aircraft parts to allow you to make some early short range aircraft before you’re at the level of making spaceplanes. This planes are great for picking up early science points from the biomes near KSC, and for just messing around and buzzing the tower! 🙂

Quiztech Aero Pack

This is a parts pack with more cool spaceplane parts. It adds some new wings, cockpits and the like to give us some variation when we start building spaceplanes.

Infernal Robotics

Hinges, rotors, and all sorts of other cool moving parts so we can make folding landers and grabber arms in space!


The one-box-fits-all satellite mod that will hopefully help us construct some lightweight satellites that can grab science from space for us.

TAC Self Destruct

Because debris, and explosions.


Since RemoteTech, TAC Lifesupport and New Horizons have added a whole new level of difficulty to the game, we will be tweaking the rules for the continuation of Season 4.

First of all, we will still be running in Hard Mode, that means no flight reverts, no quicksaves or quickloads, no Kerbal respawns and researched tech has to be purchased before we can use it.

However, as we restart the save-game we will be setting all rewards to 100%, rather than the default 60% you normally get with Hard Mode. This is to help reduce the grind and to avoid us falling into bankruptcy this time around. To balance this out, we will start the game with 0 funds, rather than the default 10,000, and penalties will be increased to 250% instead of 200%, so buildings will cost slightly more to upgrade etc.

These rule tweaks will hopefully make the series slightly more enjoyable to watch (and play) and will mean we can progress a little bit quicker to bigger and better things.

If you have any suggestions for new mods you think we should add, we will soon be launching a new Forum for our users to discuss the series, as well as other indie game related topics, so watch this space, and be sure to subscribe to our newsletter in the sidebar for notifications about future posts!

Join Us!

Now you know what to expect, don’t forget to join us on Saturday night at 8pm GMT (3pm EST) on our Ellitopia Live page! Follow now to get a notification when we go live!

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