KSP Live Season 6 Announced


This Saturday saw the end of KSP Live Season 5! The 21st Episode went horribly wrong, with things exploding, parts doing an odd Kraken dance, and the game crashing in the spaceplane hanger while we tried to go out with a bang… frustration won, and the lure of a new game in KSP 1.1 wins out.

With Season 5 now brought to a close, planning for Season 6 has begun! We’re totally overhauling the mods we’re going to be using, which will include the stunning Environmental Visual Enhancements (EVE) and Scatterer mods, as well as the new Kerbalism mod, since TAC lifesupport hasn’t been updated properly since 1.0.4.

To allow ample time for setting up, testing and for all the mods to be stable in the new build of KSP, we’re going to take a week off from KSP Live and start with Season 6 on May 14th 2016.

What About The Mods?

You can check out the mod list, as well as the progress of all the mods as they update to 1.1 at the ususal place… HERE. Feel free to let us know if there are any mods you think we should add to the list before we start!

As far as the game settings are concerned, we want this playthrough to progress quickly, so we will be setting up the game with Easy settings (good starting money and good contract rewards), but with destructible buildings, permadeath kerbals and, as always, NO REVERTS!

Where Can I Watch KSP Live?

If you’re not already a KSP Live follower, head over to our YouTube channel and subscribe now! We go live every Saturday at 8pm GMT (3pm EST). Everyone is welcome!

Season 6 is looking like it’s going to be great, so don’t miss it!

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