The Ellitopia Minecraft Server is back! This latest incarnation of our server is for EVERYONE! No pay wall, no donation required!

We’re now using the free Aternos hosting service, which means the server may be down a lot, but our Modertors and and subscribed Ellitopians will be given access to start the server (a queuing process which takes roughly 15 minutes), so if you want to play, head over to the discord server and ask someone to start it up!

Minecraft is where Ellitopia all started. The first time Ellitopia was used (in public) it was the name of the world on a new minecraft server. Over the years the server lost its support and we ended up shutting it down… but Ellitopia lived on in a new form.

Now the Ellitopia community is growing, I thought it might be nice to take Ellitopia back to it’s roots and revive the old Ellitopia Minecraft Server spirit.

The current iteration of the Ellitopia Minecraft Server uses a vanilla PaperMC server runnign Minecraft 1.14.2. No mods are needed, and if we add any plugins later, they will be accessible to all without any download needed.

How Do I Get In?

Boot up Minecraft (Java Version), make sure you’re running 1.14.2, hit multiplayer and add the following server to your server list:

See Server Status

If the server is not online, head over to our discord server and ask a Mod or and Ellitopian to start it for you… or sign up as an Ellitopian yourself and we’ll give you access to start the server yourself!



Common Minecraft multiplayer rules apply, but there are a few important ones, so please read these.

  • Keep it clean! Think PG! Adult language or chat topics will get you kicked or banned. Same goes for adult… um… structures!
  • No Griefing! If it ain’t yours, leave it be. This is a friendly server and we don’t want anyone complaining that someone has destroyed something they spent hours building!
  • Have fun! Work together, enjoy the chat, feel free to use the voice chat channel on Discord (but keep that clean too please), and let us know if there’s anything we can do to make it more fun!


Server Address


Minecraft 1.14.2


Server Status