NEW SERIES: Pulsar with w4stedspace


Once again it’s time to announce a new series! This time we start on a multiplayer series in Pulsar: Lost Colony. Pulsar is a game about space exploration and survival… more survival.

Each player in the game plays one member of the crew of our ship, the USS Problem Child:

Captain: w4stedspace (See his YouTube channel at
Pilot: ellbristow (That’s me)
Weapons: Mavrek
Engineering: Xyph3r (
Science: Sykness

Join us as we venture out into the great unknown, accepting and completing missions to manage our reputation with the various factions in the galaxy, striving to stay alive and eat jerky.

In the first episode we attempt to ease the viewers in gently with an introduction and some information about the game and our ship… but don’t worry, we dive into the action pretty quick!

Make sure you subscribe to both the Ellitopia Gaming and w4stedspace channels to make sure you don’t miss any of the action!

Check out Pulsar: Lost Colony on Steam:

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