New Shop Enters BETA Phase


With Ellitopia Coins launched and users starting to collect them, it’s time to give them something to spend them on!

The Ellitopia Shop is now live, but in BETA phase. I am fully expecting that there will be bugs, and will be more than happy to discuss them and offer refunds or suitable compensation for losses that these bugs may create (within reason of course).

Shop Features

The shop will allow users to purchase games, and perhaps other things, using their collected Ellitopia Coins. If you don’t have sufficient coins for the purchase, you can top-up your coins via PayPal, at a rate of 100 Coins per €1.

For now there is only a very limited stock of games, but I will be adding more as I gain more confidence that I have squashed any bugs that arise. Any spare games I receive through Humble Bundles or gifts from developers will be added to the shop at a reduced rate. Other games will be added at the lowest price possible, so keep an eye on the store for some great deals!

Please add any comments you may have about the shop, I want to hear them. All suggestions and criticisms are welcome!

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