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Firstly, yes it’s been a while since I posted anything here. The main reason for the radio silence has been the fact that I got a new job, and have literally had no time… which is why I’ve decided to make a few changes to Ellitopia.

This post will talk about some of the planned changes, and give people an opportunity to give some feedback so I know how people feel about it. These plans are NOT final, because it’s important to me that the content being put out by Ellitopia Gaming is being received by excited and happy eyeballs.

New Plan for First Plays

First up is my planned change to how I review new games that indie devs send me. I get a lot of game codes sent over to me to be reviewed, and the amount of time spent recording and editing videos of each one can be quite considerable. You may notice that there haven’t been many first play videos for a while, because I just haven’t had time.

From now on, when I receive a new game from a developer, I will not be running a stand-alone first play video on the YouTube channel. Instead I will play the game and WRITE a review here on ellitopia.com, perhaps with a promo video from the developer.

BUT WHY? Aside from the time saved recording and editing, I actually feel that a written review can do more to promote a game for an indie developer. Sure a video shows the true game play, but the way my First Plays have worked until now, often all the viewer sees is the tutorial, or the first few minutes of the game, which doesn’t necessarily show the game in the best light. AN honest written review, however, can highlight the outstanding features that may appear later in the game… assuming you trust my opinion!

There will however be some exceptions. As a part of my new livestream schedule, which we’ll come back to in a moment, I plan to devote one livestream per month to playing one or more new games. If a game gets good comments and feedback here on the website, or is a particularly notable release, it will go into the pool to be played on a livestream.

This leads me on to the other part of the change to Ellitopia…

New Livestream Schedule

For a while I have felt that my livestreams have lacked direction. Each week we jump, seemingly randomly, from one game to another sometimes never returning to a game that people actually want to see played. I don’t like this approach, so I want to bring a bit more structure to the schedule.

My plan is to pick a theme for each week of the month, the same theme for the same week of each month, so I will be picking 4 themes for each of the 4 livestreams in an average month. For months with 5 livestreams, we will have a special competition or giveaway livestream!

The schedule below is provisional, so please feel free to comment below if you feel anything should be changed:

1st Saturday of each month
Indie Builder Week – RimWorld, Banished, Cities Skylines.. something with a city or colony building element, with Patreon/Streamtip supporters being added as colony/town members (if possible)

2nd Saturday of each month
Indie Tycoon Week – Software Inc, Rollercoaster tycoon, Startup Company.. some kind of tycoon game. Supporters can have their name added as a street name, building name, a piece of software… something along those lines.

3rd Saturday of each month
Indie Simulator Week – KSP, Farm Simulator, something where we pretend to be something we’re not… Not sure how supporters will feature… we’ll find something

4th Saturday of each month
First Play Saturday – Playing new indie games live, either one game for the whole stream, or a few smaller games, depending on what’s available at the time.

5th Saturday of the month (if there is one)
Multiplay Saturday Giveaway – Playing multiplayer games with the community, with the winner (if there is one) winning an indie game from the Ellitopia Game Stash (or a coupon for the Ellitopia Shop). If there’s not a clear “winner”, we’ll have a random giveaway instead.

Livestreams will be held at the same time, 8PM GMT (3PM EST) an all of the following channels:

Smashcast (Previously Hitbox)
Mixer (Previously Beam)

What Do You Think?

So what do you think of the new plan? Add your comment below, and..

Don’t forget to support the indies!

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