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Planetbase EngineerHere at Ellitopia Gaming we’ve played a number of off-world colonisation games in the last few months (See PeriAreon and Sol 0 for example), but none has captured my attention the way Planetbase has!

Planetbase is a real-time off-world colonisation game set on your choice of three different planet types, ranging from a dusty desert world to a barren tundra. The graphics and interface of Planetbase are excellent, and the gameplay is deeply engaging.

Playing as the architect, you choose the locations and connections for all your buildings, and your colonists, whom you have no direct control over, will mill about completing their various jobs based on the layout you choose, whilst at all times giving priority to their own personal needs, including eating, drinking, sleeping and of course checking out the latest football results on the big screen TV in the canteen.

The level of simulation in this game is impressive. Unlike the other similar games we’ve played, in Planetbase you can watch the individual colonist perform their duties INSIDE your placed buildings. Watch them tend the plants in the Bio-Dome, or sleep in the Dorm… every colonist is an individual, and each plays an important role.

Like4MoreCheck out our First Play video of Planetbase below, and be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel, as we will be publishing a new Like4More series of Planetbase in the very near future! Planetbase has been announced for release on October 16th 2015!

Check out the developers website at, and pick up your copy on Steam at

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