Pokemon No Go! Pokemon Go in Win10 ANYWHERE!


I can’t play Pokemon Go on my phone OR my tablet, so now I’m playing it on my laptop! Read on to find out how!

OK, so it’s not exactly an ‘Indie’ game, but everyone is talking about the new Pokemon Go Augmented Reality app. I thought I would add my comments about my experience with the game so far, and my crafty way of playing the game, even though none of my devices support the app. I’ve never been big on Pokemon, but with all the hype around Pokemon Go, I thought I’d give it a go anyway… but found that I couldn’t!

Pokemon Go Somewhere Else!

The first obstacle I ran into is that I live in Spain, and Pokemon Go isn’t officially released here yet. I found, however, that it’s still possible to download the app and play if you can either trick the AppStore into thinking you’re somewhere else (Like New Zealand or USA) by registering a new iTunes account there (see this handy tutorial), or, for android, by downloading the apk from a service like APKPure. I used both these methods and managed to find an option to download the app on both my devices, My Apple iPhone 4 and my Unusual 7i 7 inch Tablet running Android KitKat. But the problems didn’t stop there.

Pokemon Go Crazy!

Bulbasaur | Pokemon GoSo I found a download location for each of my devices, but I still couldn’t start hunting.

Firstly my iPhone was running iOS 7, and the Pokemon Go app requires iOS 8 or higher, so even though I could see it in the AppStore, I couldn’t download it. Fail.

With the iPhone option dead in the water i tried my tablet. For this I had to download and install the APK file from another location, which is not ideal. This comes with a big warning, since there are fake copies of the app out there that contain malware (Gotta catch a malware?)! Having found a safe copy and downloaded it, I tried to run the app and was immediately faced with an error ‘Unfortunately Pokemon Go has Stopped’! Every time I tried to run it I got the same error.

I of course headed straight to Google, and eventually found that the Pokemon Go app doesn’t support tablets that are using an Intel processor! Guess what processor my tablet uses….

So, no iPhone app, no android app, I was out of options… or was I?

Pokemon Go Nowhere!

Determined not to be beaten, I took to being creative to figure out another way I might be able to access the app. I already knew I could download and install the APK on Android, so again I took to Google, this time looking for an Android emulator for my Windows 10 Laptop. I found one… and it works! So here’s what I did, and what you can do to start playing Pokemon Go on your Windows 10 laptop:

  • Download the Nox Android Emulator and install it
  • Run Nox
  • Using the Browser app, head to the APK Pure download site and download their app
  • Run APKPure and search for the Pokemon Go app, and install it
  • Bingo! You have Pokemon Go on Windows 10!

BUT WAIT! Pokemon Go is about Augmented Reality and wandering the streets to find Pokemon. Well that’s where this method has it’s drawbacks, you see most laptops don’t have a back camera and motion sensor to allow the Augmented Reality system to work. The app will work WITHOUT Augmented Reality however. It doesn’t look as good, but it actually makes catching Pokemon easier, since they are always sat in the middle of the screen!

Pokemon Go Inside

But how about the wandering the streets bit? Well, the Nox emulator can also emulate a GPS signal! You can actually click a little location icon in the menu to show a map where you can PICK you location! If you’re lazy like me, this is an absolute gift, since you can trick the game into thinking you’re walking down the street while sitting comfortably in front of the TV. All the Pokemon you could want, from anywhere in the world… without going anywhere! This is also a bonus when incubating eggs, since you can virtually walk for miles with just a click, making the game think you have been travelling, thus speeding up the incubation process! Genius!

So there you have it. You can get Pokemon Go on Windows 10, and you can do it without having to leave your armchair!

Leave our comments about Pokemon Go, or this workaround below, and have fun hunting down your new Pokefriends!

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