Indie Update: Prison Architect Updates & Release Date


Introversion, developers of Prison Architect, have at last announced the planned release date for Prison Architect updates!

With a game that has been released on Early Access for so long, it’s easy to forget that it hasn’t actually been officially released. Prison Architect is one such game, however the developers have now announced that they have decided on a release month, and will be packaging the game up for official release in October 2015!

This announcement came as part of the release of the latest alpha version, Alpha 35, which in itself is an awesome update to the game. Check out the Alpha 35 release video here for all the details:

Prison Architect Updates

With the release of Alpha 35, and the addition of this improved gang functionality, this game really has developed to provide the feel of a real prison. It is now quite possible to lose “control” of areas of your prison without a riot, since gangs can now claim territory, and if you don’t have sufficient security staff to stop them, you could find you have to rethink the layout of your prison, since losing control of an area means it cannot be de-zoned or modified!

With this latest update, the developers are saying that all the planned features are now in the game. The next Alpha release will most likely be to just flesh out the existing features and fight some of the remaining bugs. This could mean that now is a great time for Ellitopia Gaming to set up a Let’s Play series for Prison Architect updates! We tried it once before but the series was cut short due to certain difficulties, but now there is nothing stopping us. So if you’re interested in seeing a Let’s Play series on Prison Architect updates, make sure you let us know either on Twitter or our Facebook page.

We’re really excited about this new update, and we want to express our gratitude and say a hearty “Congratulations” to the developers for putting together a truly epic game. For those of you reading, don’t forget to Support The Indies!

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