One To Watch: Space Odyssey from Neil deGrasse Tyson!


It’s not every day a celebrity endorses an indie video game… even less often is when a celebrity decides to create the game himself! Introducing… Space Odyssey!

Space Odyssey, by Neil deGrasse Tyson!

Yes NdGT has thrown his hat into the ring to produce a game that rivals No Man’s Sky in the wake of their epic failure.

The game will be developed by indie studio Whatnot Entertainment and will be primarily and educational game, showing an accurate representation of the universe (from a physics perspective). The game will allow users to build their own ships and set of into the great unknown… which is nice, since the guys a Squad have announced that most of them are now moving away from Kerbal Space Program… perhaps this will be able to take it’s place (albeit lacking our large headed green friends).

Space Odyssey is claimed to be similar to games such as Civilization and Minecraft. That’s quite a combination of games, from two very different genres, but if they can successfully blend the two into one epic exploration game, it will be hard to beat!

To add even more to the mix, this exploration game is claiming to be an online Multiplayer experience. Yes we’ve heard that before somewhere *COUGH*NOMANSSKY*COUGH*… but if Neil and his team can actually pull through on that promise, this game could be a nice little replacement for KSP!

Not much is known about the details of the game yet, but you can be sure we’ll be following it to see how this game turns out!

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