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Yesterday (November 29th 2015) we hosted our first ever KSP Live Charity Stream to celebrate 2 YEARS of KSP Live! The stream took the form of a real-time mission to land on Mun, and it was a resounding success!

During the stream we accepted donation from the viewers that were supporting GamesAid. We set our target to a humble €100, but we smashed it and hit 133% of our target before the stream was finished. I wanted to give everyone involved a great big THANK YOU! Whether you just came to watch and support the chat, or if you were able to donate and help us reach our goal, everyone played a part in making the evening a success, and I am elated at how well it all came together!

A special thank you goes out to Scott Manley, who guest starred in the stream for a while, before being interrupted by a cat/mouse/screaming children related incident! Things didn’t all go to plan as the game crashed as Mr Manely arrived… but we recovered and managed to continue our mission!

I would also like to say congratulations to our prize draw winners! We gave away a copy of Planetbase, and a copy of Papers Please (winner’s choice) to our two winners. I hope you guys have a lot of fun giving them a try!

If you weren’t able to make the stream, no problem! The full stream has been posted to YouTube so you can watch it from the start there, and a highlights video will follow for those who can’t spare 3 hours to watch the whole thing! o.O

The success of this event means we may well be looking at running similar events in the future! Watch this space!

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