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Anyone who has been following Ellitopia for a while will know that we run Indie Game Giveaways at key milestones. Our last milestone was 500 subscribers, and we gave away 5 free indie games on Steam, but since that time the channel stalled for a while and we haven’t had any milestones to speak of for a while… but it looks like that could be about to change!

Recently the Ellitopia Gaming YouTube channel has picked up a new wave of subscribers thanks to our new Trackday Manager series, and if it continues at the current rate we will be looking at some important milestones in the near future. I had considered running a giveaway at 600 subscribers, but that cam and went yesterday, and the current influx of subscribers seems to be continuing.. so I’ve decided to aim for a more significant milestone.

New Target… 750 Subscribers!

Yes, our new milestone target is now 750 subscribers. When we hit that magic number we will run another live giveaway, and this time around the prize will be 6 Indie Games spread across 3 winners, 3 to the first winner, 2 to the second winner, and 1 to the third. The winners will get to choose their prizes from the usual Ellitopia Indie Game Stash, and we will be focusing on adding a few more games to that list between now and that draw!

We really appreciate the support we’ve been getting from everyone on the YouTube channel, particularly from our new arrivals, who have been offering some great comments and tips on our Trackday Manager videos, “welcome, welcome”! We have plenty more great content planned, including more Trackday content, as well as some more First Plays episodes and a couple of new series… and of course our mainstay series, KSP Live!

Thank you to everyone, don’t forget to like, comment and subscribe, and always support the indies!

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