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Trackday Manager is heading into Early Access! Let’s discuss what that means and where the game is heading during the Early Access process!

Trackday Manager, the racing team management simulator from Arctic Hazard Gaming Studios, has been preparing to launch into Steam Early Access for the last three weeks, and we have been tracking their progress along the way. We’ve seen new UI elements, a new car, new tracks and new systems introduced in just a short period of time, and the developers are promising more good things to come!

The Road Ahead

So where is Trackday Manager heading from here? In a recent letter from the developers on their forums, they have suggested that they intend to continue to add more new tracks, at least two new cars, a new garage “tier” system, and they are planning to revamp the entire pit-stop process to make it more streamlined, and to avoid a scene switch in the process. They also plan to upgrade to the Unity 5 engine to offer better performance overall!

Generosity, Congratulations and Thanks!

Now that the game is in Early Access, the developers have set their intended price for the game, and anyone wanting to play will now need to pay to sign up. The full price for the game is $24.99, but all beta and Early Access testers have been offered a 20% discount on that price to say thank you. On top of that, the top 10 racers on their leaderboard from the beta testing process have been given a free copy of the game to say congratulations for their success.

As a special thank you to Ellitopia Gaming, we have also been granted access to the Early Access game, so you can be sure to see more Trackday Manager videos from us as we track the Early Access process all the way up to full release (and beyond)! We are very grateful to the Arctic Hazard crew, not only for letting us into the Early Access, but also for creating an awesome game that we have really enjoyed playing!

This isn’t a review post, but if it was, this game would get 5 Joysticks! 😀

Ellitopia Joystick Ellitopia Joystick Ellitopia Joystick Ellitopia Joystick Ellitopia Joystick

Pick up your Early Access copy of Trackday Manager starting 27 May 2015 10am CET

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