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One of our most successful video series so far was our coverage of off-world colonization simulator “Planetbase”. This genre has had quite a selection of contenders over the last couple of years, and we’ve covered a few of them on our YouTube channel. Now there’s another competitor to add into the mix. Introducing “Aven Colony”.

What is Aven Colony?

Aven Colony is under development by Mothership Entertainment LLC, a 4 person team from Austin, Texas. The developers describe the game as:

“a city-building and management sim that tells the story of humanity’s first settlement of an extrasolar world”

This title is set on an alien world, Aven Prime, with a low-oxygen, high-carbon-dioxide environment. Expect hemispheric habitats and don’t forget to pack your EVA suit!

As you would expect from an off-world colonization game, this one offers the opportunity to start a new colony in a variety of different alien biomes. You can expect to face the usual collection of natural disasters, including “extreme electrical storms… dust devils… deadly toxic gas eruptions”. Of course, you will also have to contend with that ever present weak link in the chain… colonist happiness, managing jobs, entertainment, social policy… colony management at its finest… if you do it right.

Aven Colony Screenshot

Screenshot: Build and manage your off-world colony in Aven Colony

In Development

Mothership started work on Aven Colony toward the end of 2013, so with 2.5 years of development so far, this game has some potential. The final release of the game is expected in early 2017, however a public beta will go live on September 7 2016. We plan to be there to show you guys what this one is like, so watch this space. Actually, watch the space just below this, because if we do run a First Play video on this one we’ll add it below! If the lovely people at Mothership would like to send us a copy early so we can show you sooner… well just check your inbox guys, Ellitopia Gaming is in there!

Aven Colony Colonist Screenshot

Screenshot: Manage your colonists and keep them happy | Aven Colony

The expected price for Aven Colony is $29.99, and it will be coming to Steam and Stay up to date with the latest info from Aven Colony on their website at Alternatively, keep your eye on our YouTube channel for a First Play, because this one really is One To Watch!

Edit: We did a first play! Scroll up and watch the video!

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